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Standalone Novels

Blood Score

A dangerous liaison ignites the blood lust of a merciless killer

When a beautiful socialite is savagely murdered in Chicago’s Oz Park, Detectives Gabriel Cronan and Angel Ramirez find her last hours have a sinister tie to two lovers. One is a mystery and the other is a famous violin virtuoso.

A child prodigy turned world class musician, Ethan Chandler is young, handsome—and blind. He’s surrounded by admirers with insatiable appetites for his undeniable talent and guileless charm. From doting society women to fanatical stalkers and brazen gold diggers, the reclusive violinist’s life is filled with an inner circle of mesmerized sycophants who are skilled at keeping secrets.

After Cronan and Ramirez expose a shadowy connection between Ethan and the victim with a private elite sex club, they discover intimate desires and dark passions aren’t the only things worth hiding at all cost. A vicious killer will stop at nothing to settle a blood score.

BLOOD SCORE is available in audio through Audible Studios. James Patrick Cronin, narrator.



Oz Park – Chicago

8:10 p.m.


The soulless stare of the weathered face made the hair at the nape of Olivia Davenport’s neck prickle. Vacant eyes followed her as she crept by the bronze statue of Scarecrow. In the dark, the eerie face haunted her with its grim taut mouth and disturbing hollows for eyes. She imagined it coming alive when she turned her back. Her revulsion to the Oz Park statue had her on edge, but she had another reason that had triggered her jitters.

She should never have come.

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Ethan had made eight o’clock reservations at Amandine’s. He’d called her cell and left messages that she let roll into voice mail, but one text message got her to come to this deserted park at night. At first the thrill of the clandestine encounter had been an irresistible tease that she couldn’t refuse. Now in the dark, she wasn’t sure it had been a good idea.

Even in the muggy summer heat of Chicago, she wrapped her arms around her with her purse wedged under an elbow. She had a hand at her throat to touch the pearls she wore. Her eyes searched the shadows for any sign of movement in the dense trees that surrounded her rendezvous spot at the Oz Park statue. Even though her heels cut through the grass and made it hard to walk, she stayed clear of the lighted walkways.

She wasn’t sure what would happen, but Olivia was certain she didn’t want anyone to see.

When she heard the crunch of grass and felt company in the ghostly shapes of the trees, her first instinct had been to run, but she held firm. Every tree looked like the silhouette of someone lurking in the dark. Whenever car headlights off Howe Street cut into the park and flickered through the tree trunks, the motion played tricks on her. She jumped at every shift in light. Not even the muffled sound of music coming from a restaurant down the road robbed her of the rush.

Olivia dared to step through the trees and weave between them to let her eyes get accustomed to the dark—and the forbidden. Adrenaline surged through her like a tantalizing drug. Her heart pounded, punching her chest and throttling inside her ear, but she craved more. When she heard the snap of a twig ahead, she forced a fragile smile and clutched her purse to her chest.

“It’s me,” she whispered. “I’m here…like you asked.”

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“Dane’s smooth style, believable characters, and intense pacing will remind readers of Lisa Gardner, Lisa Jackson, and Tami Hoag.”
—Publishers Weekly

“If you love suspense, Blood Score is a must read. The novel is tightly plotted, and the characters are so relatable, I honestly feel like I know them. Dane does a phenomenal job of creating people who are flawed yet extremely likable. Even her secondary characters are well drawn. The suspense kept me guessing and played out in an explosive showdown that left me breathless. Highly, highly recommend this book.”

—Alicia Dean, Editor & Award-winning Author

“Jordan Dane’s style is gritty—her writing sharp and concise. A roller-coaster ride of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping emotion.” 
   —Sharon Sala, New York Times Bestselling Author