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Valentine: Steel Heart

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Love made him vulnerable…once

Former covert operative, Braxton Valentine, is on an Amtrak train to Los Angeles with his fiancé to meet her parents for the first time. He’s given up his dangerous job to start a new life with the woman he loves, but on a scheduled stop in El Paso, two shady men board the train. Valentine fears the suspicious men have targeted him for revenge from a past mission and his primal instincts kick in. With his fiancé and other innocents onboard, he’s forced into a terrible choice.

Head of the Phoenix Agency’s fledgling Psi division, Mia Romeo wants recognition for her team’s psychic abilities to combat crime. After a frightening vision, she doesn’t question her telepathic instincts to board a train in San Antonio alone, not knowing where she’s going until she reaches El Paso. When her gift spirals her into a sinister premonition centered on two men boarding her train—assassins from a cartel Phoenix has in its crosshairs—she uses her newfound telepathic gift to warn their target and head off the carnage—but the man they’re after has a powerful mind barrier she can’t penetrate.

Valentine averts a massacre with his quick action, but after his fiancé is killed, the police can’t find the mystery shooter who took her life and the cartel is bent on revenge. Operating in the shadows, Mia and the Phoenix Agency ruthlessly use the Amtrak train hero as unwitting bait to lure a deadly cartel boss from hiding, but grief-stricken Valentine becomes their worst nightmare—a rogue operator with a death wish.


As passengers boarded the train in El Paso, Braxton Valentine kept his gaze drifting over the fresh faces. To the casual observer, he looked bored and disinterested, but his eyes assessed people in fleeting glimpses, sometimes using the reflection in the glass. When two Hispanic men stepped onto the coach together, a warning flare went off in Braxton’s brain.

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In short bursts of intense observation, Brax made mental notes on both men—height and weight, skin color, hair, clothes, tattoos and scars. Both were armed. He was sure of it. Brax’s heart beat faster and his blood churned with a surge of adrenaline. His body tensed for action as he pulled his arm from Raine.

With only a subtle nod, the men split up the minute they entered the train. One man had slipped behind him and took a seat in the last row near an exit. The other man mirrored his move and slid into a seat on the far end. Both men worked too hard not to notice him. Nothing about them looked normal.

A sickening feeling welled in Brax’s belly when he recognized a tattoo for the Mateo De La Cruz cartel on one of the men, a reminder of his last covert mission.

These men had come for him.

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“Jordan Dane is a star on the horizon of women’s fiction.”
   —Sharon Sala, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Jordan Dane is an exciting voice in the realm of suspense and it’s easy to see why from the first page. An out of control freight train with enough twists and turns to please any suspense novel fan.”
   —Gary Roen—St. Cloud In The News


“Dane is a gifted storyteller whose talent shines on every page. Non-stop romantic suspense that is impossible to put down!”
   —Carla Neggers, New York Times Bestseller