Mercer’s War Series


Vigilante Justice

Book 3

After retired SEAL Hank Patterson gets a disturbing call from an old friend, pleading for him to look into the mysterious disappearance of a young college student, Hank fears his Brotherhood Protectors wouldn’t have the resources or experience to find the kid. FBI Special Agent Molly Greenbriar gives him the name of a former CIA operative—Mercer Broderick—who can get the job done, but she fears he’s turned into a mercenary for hire. Hank has little choice but to contact a shadowy man he’s not sure he can trust.

From his fortress sanctuary of Zion, built in the mountains of Wyoming, Mercer lives with his handpicked team. He isn’t keen on the idea of helping someone in the FBI. Not after he’s forged a network of wealthy benefactors across the world—the Alliance—influential, high powered people who secretly yearn for a new world order of vigilante justice.

But when Mercer’s computer genius uncovers a disturbing pattern of missing teens and young college students in Montana that has fallen under the radar of the FBI, Mercer sees a larger operation in play. The violent abductions of young Dreamer immigrants are at the heart of a dark web of conspiracy that Mercer must stop.

In a surprise face-to-face meeting, Hank confronts Mercer and insists on assigning Joseph ‘Kujo’ Kuntz and his dog, Six, to the Alliance team. Kujo has his hands full when he faces a well-funded, highly-skilled team of operatives, hell bent on vigilante justice.


Bozeman, Montana

Next day- Evening

Seventeen-year-old Gabriela Rivera lit two candles at Holy Rosary Catholic Church with shaky fingers as she knelt before a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fresh tears welled in her eyes as she stared into the flickering flames, colored by the red votive glass, before she turned her eyes toward the porcelain face of the Mother of God and made the sign of the cross.

For over two months, she had come to the church every evening, praying to God and the Blessed Virgin, but nothing had changed.

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Sunset Hills Cemetery

Two Months Ago

“Please, don’t take my father. He did nothing wrong,” Gabriela cried out.

No one listened. Faces in the crowd stared in shock. Some raised their voices, but no one stopped the ICE deportation force. The angry men in uniform arrested both her parents at the funeral of a family friend.

“Momma. What’s happening?” She reached for her crying mother, but a man in uniform shoved her away. “Can they do this?”

“Mi hija.” Her mother wept as an officer shoved her into the back of a windowless van.

“Why are you doing this?” Gabriela pleaded with the men who refused to look her in the eye.

“Step back from the vehicle.” A man locked the van’s rear door and climbed into the passenger seat, without looking back.

Gabriela clutched at her stomach and dropped to her knees in the middle of the road, crying. Her parents were under arrest and ICE drove them away. Why hadn’t they taken her?

‘You were born here, Gabriela. You’re an American. No one can take that away from you.’

She remembered her father holding her, when he tried to prepare her, but she never thought the day would actually come. When the harsh reality of her situation closed in, she bent over and emptied her stomach on the asphalt. People watched her get sick, but no one came to help her.

Gabriela’s only family had been taken away. How could she fight for them? She didn’t have money for lawyers. Her father had worked three jobs to make sure they had a roof over their heads and enough money for her to finish high school. Now none of that mattered.

She would never forget the day her life ended—when she would no longer feel safe or be able to count on her mother and father.

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“Jordan Dane had me on the edge of my seat, with a stranglehold that demanded I flipped the page again and again till The End. The mystery behind the missing children is shocking, but totally realistic. Vigilante Justice is filled with mystery, intrigue, characters you’ll love, and edge-of-your-seat action.”

~Sue Coletta – Award-winning, Bestselling Author

“Dane brings surprising grit and hard-boiled heft to her books. She’s as cozy as a set of brass knuckles.”
—Kevin Burton Smith – The Thrilling Detective Website Founder& Editor

 “Dane has drawn her characters with a vivid pencil, making them come alive on the pages so they are easy to visualize and feel their emotions. You cheer for Mercer as he moves forward with grim dedication to catching and taking down the criminals in an inhuman business. Get this book.”
—Desiree Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author