The Curse She Wore

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They had Death in common…

Homeless on the streets of New Orleans, Trinity LeDoux has nothing to lose when she hands a cursed vintage necklace to a wealthy, yet reclusive clairvoyant.

During a rare public appearance, Hayden Quinn is unexpectedly recruited into Trinity’s perilous mission–a journey back through time to the exact moment of death for two very different victims.

Hayden and Trinity, two broken people with nothing but death in common, pursue the dangerous quest to stop a murderer from emulating the grisly works of a notorious serial killer. But trespassing on Fate’s turf comes with a price–one they never see coming.


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Sweat beaded on my forehead and upper lip. When I wiped my face, fresh tears came. I lowered my head and took a deep breath to steady the pounding of my heart, but when I looked up, Hayden Quinn stared down at me. There was no mistaking who he wanted to hear from next.

He’d taken a potent interest in me.

“I…c-can’t. This is a…m-mistake.” I clutched the antique necklace and looked into his eyes, stammering.

“You came. You’re here. Talk to me,” he said.

Talk to me. His deep voice rang true in my head as I’d dreamed him. Talk to me. Those words swirled as warm in my belly as fine whiskey.

Hayden loomed as an obstacle. He’d become a threshold I needed to cross, but none of this would be as simple as stepping over a line. I had to risk everything–even his life. How could I do that? His voice beckoned me to make the next move and when I looked into his eyes, I recognized what I’d seen in him before.

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I’d practically stalked him online. I knew what had happened to him, but seeing it still in his eyes hit me hard. Emotional scars were never easy to hide from kindred.

“I didn’t come to talk.” With shaky fingers, I undid my necklace and held it tight in my hand. “I need…more.”

Don’t think. Do.

I held the necklace out to him. Once he took it, he’d be sucked into my living nightmare and get a taste of what I needed from him. If he read me and knew how desperate I’d become, he could end everything right here.

Hayden hesitated long enough for me to see he knew my story wouldn’t be simple. When he fixed his eyes on me, heat rushed to my face.

“Fair warning.” I whispered only loud enough for him to hear me, but he took the necklace anyway.

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“Dane’s smooth style, believable characters, and intense pacing will remind readers of Lisa Gardner, Lisa Jackson, and Tami Hoag.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Jordan Dane crafts nail-biting thrillers with fully-realized but very damaged characters, and plots that twist and turn and double-back to bite the unwary. Her novels are 21st Noir with guts and heart and a wicked sense of humor.”
   —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestseller

“Jordan Dane’s style is gritty—her writing sharp and concise. A roller-coaster ride of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping emotion.” 
   —Sharon Sala, New York Times Bestselling Author