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The Echo of Violence

Book 3

The man she’d trust with her heart could sabotage everything . . .

When terrorists attack a missionary school, brutally killing their hostages and posting videos of the senseless murders online, time is running out. Sentinels’ agent Alexa Marlowe is forced into an unlikely alliance with a relentless mercenary. But he is no stranger.

Jackson Kinkaid witnessed the raid, and only he can track the killers to their mountain stronghold. Guarding a dark secret, rumored to sell his services to the highest bidder, Jackson is not the same man Alexa once knew. And although he can lead her to the terrorist leader she’s been ordered to take alive, how can she be sure he won’t sabotage her mission to save the one person who got him through the worst nightmare of his life?



Near Haiti

Not even the mesmerizing beauty of the sea at night calmed Luc Toussaint.

The moon dappled undulating waves with shimmer as his slow-moving trawler navigated the Atlantic toward the Canal de la Tortue. Haiti and Port de Paix lay dead ahead. The crew of the Aquilina made ready for docking and had left Luc at the helm, alone with his thoughts. As captain of the commercial vessel, he normally took pleasure in the solitary feeling at this hour and drew comfort from being one with the sea. That feeling of serene isolation reminded him of the old days when he was a younger man—but not tonight.

He had other things on his mind.

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To settle his nerves, he had smoked far too many cigarettes as he kept an alert eye on the horizon. He peered through the dim glow of the wheelhouse and beyond the reflection of the boat’s running lights on the water, searching for police on patrol in these waters.

Earning extra money for his family, he carried additional cargo in a special compartment known only to him and the men he worked for on the side. He played a small part in a smuggling operation with a splinter faction of a drug cartel and his crew had no idea. His men knew nothing about any contraband onboard.

For that matter, he didn’t know much more.

For the sake of his wife and children, he only cared about the money and merely played his part as blind courier between South America and Miami Florida. What had been stowed below was none of his concern. And even though the Dominicans had cut into his action and ramped up their role by becoming wholesaler to many cities on the East Coast of the United States, Luc wanted no part in that.

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“Dane’s latest romantic thriller is heavy on thrills. Darkly mysterious Jackson Kincaid robs drug mules and gun-running thugs on the high seas, donating most of the proceeds to a Catholic school in Haiti. Dane piles on suspense, adrenaline, and emotions as the action moves to the remote mountains of Cuba, where tension builds.”

~Publishers Weekly

The Echo of Violence is a thriller that grips readers from the opening sequence and never slows down. Angst-laden Jackson Kinkaid owns the tale as a mercenary dealing with overwhelming issues with what he has seen and done. Readers will wonder if he’s suffering from PTSD and root for him.”
—The Mystery Gazette 

“A red-hot mixture of fiery characters and volatile conflicts are an easy indicator of Dane’s continued success as she introduces the world to the third installment of her Sweet Justice series, The Echo of Violence. Small victories pepper this well-written thriller, but don’t be fooled by what initially appears to be a `cookie-cutter’ ending. The Echo of Violence isn’t quite so predictable.”
—John Raab, Editor, Suspense Magazine, Los Angeles, CA 

“Told from multiple points of view, the fast-paced story is compelling. Recommended for action fans.”

Sue OBrien – Booklist

“Returning to the covert world of the Sentinels organization, Dane delivers a hostage drama that could be ripped from the headlines. The protagonists in this story have plenty of baggage and trust is in short supply. Although frightening in its intensity, the atrocities in this tale also spotlight the amazing power of the human spirit. The Echo of Violence is a compelling page turner!”

—Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine 

“Jordan Dane has been putting out consistently excellent books and The Echo of Violence is another. A hostage situation with untrustworthy assistance, an unrelenting plot and an ass kicking lead make for a one-sitting read.”
—Crimespree Magazine, Buzz Box