No One Series

No One Lives Forever

(Book 2 of 2)

Nothing Is What It Seems

Born to a childhood pitted by violence, Christian Delacorte is desperate for peace when he embarks on a new life with the woman he loves, Detective Raven Mackenzie. But soon his old life comes calling—in the tempting form of a mysterious woman assassin.

When a Deadly Seductress Comes Calling

Jasmine Lee is determined to collect an old marker from Christian. He owes her—big time—and she needs his help freeing her kidnapped lover, Nicholas Charboneau—a powerful mogul linked to Chicago’s underworld. Christian doesn’t trust her, but Jasmine entices him to leave Raven behind when she reveals his shocking connection to Charboneau.

And a Lethal Race Against Time Begins

Christian has seven days to attempt an impossible rescue of the father he never knew. And when a woman assassin with ulterior motives makes a lousy ally, Christian is alone to face the stark reality that no one lives forever . . . and he might be the next to die.


Romantic Times Magazine Nominee Best Romantic Intrigue Novel of 2008 (NO ONE LIVES FOREVER)




Hotel Palma Dourada

Cuiabá, Brazil

Gripping his 9-millimeter Beretta, Nicholas Charboneau peered through the peephole of the penthouse suite, responding to a soft knock. The red and black uniforms of hotel personnel should not have given him any cause for alarm. And yet, the hair at the nape of his neck reacted to a rush of adrenaline. Two men stood by a rolling cart of white linen, covered with food platters and a bottle of Brazilian Merlot with a distinctive label.

Compliments of the house…or a Trojan Horse?  The bottle of wine told the tale.

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A lazy smile curved his lips.  At his age, he relied more on wit and cunning, leaving the chest thumping to younger men.  He had no intention of answering the door, making himself vulnerable.

“No way,” he scoffed, muttering under his breath.  “Nice try, but never would’ve happened.”

“Who is at the door?”  The voice of his young bodyguard, Jasmine Lee, drew his attention.  Towel drying her black hair, she stood near the wet bar dressed only in the white robe of the hotel. “Did you order room service, Nicky?”

He raised his hand and shook his head, silently mouthing the word, “No.”

Her body tensed, dark eyes flared in alert.

The sound of shattered glass from across the room broke his concentration.  Jasmine darted from his sight, heading toward the noise.

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“The final book in Dane’s outstanding launch trilogy picks up shortly after No One Left to Tell. Heavy with atmosphere and creeping danger, this page-turning thrill ride is unforgettable! Rarely does an author make such an impact in such a short span of time.”

RT TOP PICK – Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Book Review

“Parts of the story left me with my mouth hanging open in shock and others were so profound and deep. I was amazed at the way the words flowed together. I got to understand Christian a lot more, and I loved his character, he’s flawed and imperfect and so human, I loved reading his story. The book is full of fabulous suspense and intrigue and makes for a wild ride. I feel like I should say something bad so I don’t sound like a complete fan girl but I can’t help it. Jordan’s writing is amazing, it’s beautiful and authentic and No One Lives Forever is one of her best yet.”

TOP PICK 4.5 HEARTS Wendy, Night Owl Romance Reviews

“The third No One thriller is an exhilarating suspense tale filled with plausible twists. Fans will feel the danger on every page as this strong action-packed tale lives up to its title. Jordan Dane is three for three.”
—Midwest Book Review